Farewell UGST 1000…

As my first semester here at UNT comes to close, I am reflecting on the past 4 months. It is sad to say goodbye to this wonderful little group of us “undecided” kids, all sharing the common unsure nature of our future careers and paths. I will take away from this class and the semester that it is very important to get involved and NETWORK! I think networking is key in any field and is a very valuable piece of advice for us all to follow in our futures but should also start thinking about now. I have learned lessons in the importance of time management and learning how to utilize the large amount of free-time we now have as college students. I also learned that college life is what you make it, you’ve got to get out and experience new things…and I think I need to take my own advice here… I think I have matured some in this past semester, learning how to be on my own and having WAY more freedom and independence than I ever had at home. I do have an idea of a direction I may pursue in terms of a major but I am still not sure. I plan on looking into TWU’s occupational therapy program as well as possibly a Physical Therapy Assistant program at a local community college. What’s next for me? Well, I guess we’ll see where the wind takes me.

Farewell UGST 1000…you will be missed…


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Freshman at UNT as an undecided major

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