RTN Project & Group Collaboration

There have been a lot of group projects and assignments in this class. I personally am not a fan of group projects, I would much rather prefer to do an assignment individually. I think group collaboration is very helpful in many aspects, but large projects are made much more difficult as a group in my opinion. I know it teaches us to work as a team and divide roles equally and whatnot but it makes it more of a struggle figuring everything out with a group rather than learning what the project is supposed to teach us. 

In a group project, my role depends on my group members. If I have a group where everyone is very involved, on top of things and is in charge of themselves, I take more of a backseat and let someone else lead the group and get everything together. On the other hand, if my group members are not very involved and aren’t paying attention to details of the assignment I am usually the one to step up and take the leader position. I am usually concerned about my grade and feel much better if I can get everything together myself in order to ensure that it is competed properly and in a timely manner. 

Our RTN group is doing okay, compared to some other groups at least. I have done my part and my other group members seem to be on the right path to having everything completed by the deadline. To communicate and organize we usually talk about the project in class, and through group texts. It seems to have worked fairly well although we could definitely be more organized and on top of things.

Hopefully everything turns out the way I expect it to and we get the project done in an efficient and timely manner.


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