Response to Personal Security

After reading the lesson presented by Melody about personal security and safety, I have a better understanding of personal security threats and prevention. After the recent robberies around campus, I have been a lot more aware of my surroundings. I tend to walk alone but I try to stay in well lit areas and I try to walk near other groups of people so I do not seem like I am alone. I have never used the UNT e-ride, but if I felt the need to use it, I am glad it is available to me. I could improve my safety precautions by familiarizing myself with the locations of the  emergency towers,as I only know where a couple are located.

Online security is a very serious issue. I was not aware of all of the different kinds of online scams and security issues but I am now better educated on them due to this presentation. I feel I am fairly safe when it comes to online security. I run virus scans and updates on my computer every few days, I do not put my personal information on websites that seem unsafe, and I use different passwords for different sites. Phishing scams fill my email inbox, but I am very aware of them and delete them right away. I also do not put anything on Facebook that I wouldn’t want my parents or future employers to see. I understand that anything that is released on the internet is permanent, public, and exploitable. I think there are far too many people that disregard this fact and put way too much information on the internet.

Overall, I think this presentation was very helpful, especially the video, and I am better equipped to control my personal and online safety.


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