Bonus: Power Poses

I have always been someone who is a little more reserved and avoids drawing attention to myself. I most likely lead many people to believe I am less in control or have little power. By standing, sitting, and gesturing with low-power poses I likely do not show confidence and control in many situations. This is something that I have gotten better at but I could still use some improvement.

In my speech class during my senior year of high school I improved immensely on my public speaking skills, nonverbal clues, and confidence. I used to be very shy and introverted, but I think I have improved greatly and much of the improvement can be accredited to my speech class and teacher. It really is not too scary if you are educated on your topic, confident, and prepared.

After watching the YouTube video on power poses, I realize how important nonverbals are. Like the video pointed out, if you engage in powerful posing before an interview or speech, you will feel much more powerful and confident and your audience will see it as well. It is important to remember not to overpower you audience or the person you addressing to avoid appearing over-confident and cocky. Power poses before going into an interview as well as body language during the presentation can make or break you. Incorporating the tips and tricks presented in the video into ones daily life will show great improvement on their confidence as well as peoples response to their presence.

Body language can reveal more about a person than anything else, so it is important to recognize them in others as well as to control your own when interacting with others.


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