Managing My Money

Today in class we learned about the Student Money Management Center on campus and a few tips and tricks about money management. While hearing about all of the statistics and facts about college students and money, I got a little scared. Money management became very real and is now something I feel like I should think about more often.

I have always been very good about saving my money and not spending on things I know I don’t need. I have quite a bit of money saved, but that is not all there is to good money management. There are other aspects to managing your money efficiently than just having some in the bank. Budgeting is a necessary aspect of managing money and I realize I may need to work on. At the moment I don’t have very many expenses.  Most of my schooling and housing costs are currently covered by scholarships and student loans. Right now I am not tight on money, but I know that in the very near future I will have to be worried about paying back loans and that worries me. I can probably benefit from any of the Student Money Management Center workshops. I think I would get the most out of either “Finding Your First Apartment” as I will be living off campus next year, or “Budget Like A Billionaire” because come on, who doesn’t want to be a billionaire?

The activity in class helped me realize that money and value of certain items is very subjective. It is important to really think about an item you are about to buy and if it really has a value that matches its price. This presentation on money management caused money and future budgeting to become a very real issue and encouraged me to take control of my money now rather than later.


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