Strong Interest Inventory

After reviewing both the Strong and Myers-Briggs assessments, I prefer the Strong. The report we received today was a combination of both assessments, but I feel that the Strong more accurately defined my personality while the MBTI was much more general. I scored high in the social area of this assessment, with the realistic and investigative areas being the second highest. This makes my theme code “SRI”.

Some of my top ten strong occupations were speech pathologist, physical therapist, special education teacher and recreation therapist. I found this interesting because I have considered all of these fields at one point. I have also considered occupational therapy, athletic training, and dietetics, all which are included in the occupational scales of my results. I noticed on the personal style scale that it very accurately describes my personality. It shows that I enjoy working with/helping others, prefer to learn by doing, prefer short-term training to achieve a goal, would rather not be the leader, not a huge risk-taker, and enjoy a role as an independent contributor rather than working in teams.

I have always known that I want to go into healthcare, this assessments emphasizes this as well as my love for helping people and working with others. This report really reiterated most things I already knew about my personality and interest areas, but i liked that it solidified the fact that I do know the general direction I need to go. I need a job where I can be hands on while helping others in an environment where i can work individually to contribute to a team effort.

I feel that both of these assessments, the MBTI and the Strong, were very useful and very accurate.


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