Learning 101 Series: Preparing for Test Taking

Yesterday I attended a workshop provided by the learning center on test taking tips. The learning center has many sources and services that are useful for students of all types, such as tutors, workshops such as the one I took, and many more. There are many Learning 101 sessions for all different kinds of things students struggle with including test taking, note taking, time management, and learning styles. I may decide to utilize more of these in the future.

The session I attended covered a lot of the topics we discussed in our class period about test taking. We broke into groups and discussed our studying habits and then went over which study habits are the best for each type of learner, visual, read/write, kinetic, and auditory. We went over test preparation techniques, general test taking tips and strategies, objective test strategies, essay test strategies, guessing strategies, and test anxiety.

I feel like I am not a bad test taker and I generally have done pretty well on most of my tests, but anything can help. I think  the biggest problem I have when it comes to tests is the preparation. I tend to slack on the preparation thinking I’ve absorbed most of it and don’t need to study, which was the case in high school, but not so much this year. I think I have been forced to improve my study skills this year, but I have been managing pretty well so far. I also have the problem of cramming the night before. I think I have actually mastered this skill and am really good at memorizing information but then I lose it the next day and done retain it or learn the material. I learned that in the long run cramming is a waste of time because I will just have to relearn it later for finals or other assignments. It is also more work because it takes longer to learn and absorb information under pressure the night before the test.

A few strategies I learned to help with my study habits and that I plan to utilize on future test are to review my notes periodically. After class I plan to review the material and summarize the major points. I will also do this weekly and work to memorize important information that may be on the test. I think this will be the most useful in my history class, but I think it will help in all of my classes.


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