MBTI Results

I did not guess my 4-letter combination correctly. I thought I would be an ISFJ but it turns out I was an ISFP. I was only slightly an I and only slightly a P tho so I would say I’m kind of in the middle on those areas of the test.

I think the results of the MBTI were pretty accurate in describing my personality. I am definitely a person who is sensitive and use my feelings a lot. But on the other hand I am also very logical and I generally make decision based on rationality and common sense. I am also definitely an S,  using sensing rather than intuition. I like things to be clear and not abstract. I like to see things through concrete details rather than inferring things for myself. 

My letters S and F were very strong while my letters I and P were very slight. I do enjoy being around others but occasionally need some alone time. I like to work with others but I don’t really like group projects. I am also the type of person who likes to go with the flow and can adapt easily to my environment or situations.  I do however like to have a schedule and a routine in place in order to feel at ease.

I agree with most of the preferred tasks and work environment. My preferred work tasks are hands on activities, providing practical help to others, and working at something that is personally meaningful. my preferred work environment is somewhere that values loyalty and commitment, discourages outright competition, and has supportive coworkers.

The challenges listed in the results are spot on. I feel like I do miss out on a lot of opportunities because I am reluctant to network, I hesitate to sell my self, and I put off making decisions while waiting for something better to come along. The job families seemed to kind of fit what I am thinking of doing career-wise in the future. The most popular occupations mostly fit my interests and the least popular occupations definitely fit the job types that I find unattractive.

Overall, I think this is a pretty good assessment and I fairly good judge of personality. I do think the questions were very situational and it was hard to  judge personality by just those situations.



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