Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligence

I was excited to take both of these tests to see what kind of things they revealed about my personality and the ways I learn best. On the VARK, I scored pretty evenly across the board, none of them really stood out compared to the others. I scored a 5 on both visual and auditory, a 7 on read/write, and a 6 on kinesthetic. I guess this would make me multimodal which I mostly agree with. I can usually learn the material however it is presented without too much difficulty. I feel like I use all of the learning styles fairly equally.

On the multiple intelligence test I found quite similar results. I was almost completely even in all of the areas. The one that stood out, although only slightly, was “interpersonal”. This is not a a surprise at all considering that I enjoy working with and helping others.  Some professions related to this area are therapists, counselors, educators, etc. This area is closely related to emotional intelligence and I feel that the results of this test were pretty accurate. I wish there was more of a definitive result in this test, but I suppose it is a good thing to be have a variety of skills, meaning I can adapt easily to situations.

Overall, I think these are good tests to determine the best learning style for someone and to highlight which areas of intelligence one capitalizes on. Based on the results of these tests it appears that I am versatile and can adapt easily which is not a bad quality. I agree with the results of the tests, however, I would like to have a clearer idea of where my strengths are rather than being evenly distributed in the intelligence skills and learning styles.


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