Possible Interview for RTN Project

When thinking about a person who I might want to interview, there’s not a specific person that comes to mind. I’m sure there is a multitude of people locally in the DFW area that would be exceptional candidates to interview and learn a lot from. If I had to consider a profession that I want to learn more about, it would be a sports medicine physician, an athletic trainer at the professional sports level, occupational therapist, or a physical rehabilitation physician. I am also interested in rehabilitation, either physical or mental, for people who have suffered some type of trauma. I would love to learn more about any profession that works with physically or mentally disabled children, teens, and/or adults. I would love to work with people with disabilities by helping them learn life skills or possibly even academics.

I am interested in learning more about career options related to the interests I mentioned or if there is even a career that exists that fits my stated interests. I would like the learn about the pros and cons as well as the best part of their jobs and the most challenging. I would be interested in learning more about any career/profession that deals with rehabilitation, human development, sports medicine, or types of therapy.

I hope that by talking to and interviewing people in such fields I will get a better understanding of their careers and if I want to pursue a career in the same field or if it is definitely not what I thought it was. I think it will be a very helpful experience.


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