Where’d All the Time Go?

Time management is a struggle for most people. It always feels like there is so much to do and so little time to do it. Time seems to slip through my fingers and I usually feel a step behind my work. By taking the time management survey, I could really see where my time went. Until I broke it all down I had no idea that I spent so much time on certain things and so little time on other things that seem to consume my time.

When I broke my time in a week out into the pie chart I found that I spend 33% on sleep, 4% on grooming, 11% on eating, 4% on travel time, 1% on scheduled weekly events, 6% on errands and chores, 9% in class, and 8% socializing. That leaves me 24% of my time open! Right now I do have a lot of extra time because I do not currently have a job. This will change very soon and reduce the amount of free time I have. I am currently looking for a job and expect to work about 15 hours per week. This will leave me about 25 hours of free time per week instead of the 40 extra hours I have at the moment.

Based on this pie chart, most of my time is dedicated to sleep. Sleep is very important of course, but I had no idea that the majority of my time was spent sleeping. The least amount of my time goes to scheduled functions and events. I haven’t gotten involved in many clubs or other organizations yet, so this small percentage will most likely grow in the near future. By looking at the pie chart, it does not look balanced and perhaps is something I need to work on.

The “time wasters” that I have identified in my weekly schedule is the time I have in between classes. I could utilize this time much better than I currently do. I usually just wait around for my next class, but instead I could be using that time to study or do some of my homework. Another “time waster” is when I get on my computer and waste a lot of time on the internet when I should be working on something else instead. This problem can easily be fixed if I just don’t allow myself to get on social networking sites and the like. I should not have them as open tabs that I can so easily toggle between. The time wasters I have identified can easily be modified.

Some of the key areas in my time management that I want to improve are in studying and goal setting. I am very organized and I couldn’t survive without my planner. I love to make to-do lists especially because I feel so accomplished when I can cross stuff off of it.      In order to make my time more efficient, I plan to make use of my waiting or “wasted” time. I would also really like to improve my time management when it comes to studying. I never felt the need to study in high school and usually I did very well in school without it, however, that is clearly not the case for college level work. I plan to break up assignments into smaller, more manageable portions, and avoid study marathons. If I do a little bit everyday, I benefit much more from my study sessions.




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  1. Great job! Just be sure your ‘to do’ lists don’t become a time suck. I’m guilty as well.

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