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Career Family Tree Prezi


Possible Interview for RTN Project

When thinking about a person who I might want to interview, there’s not a specific person that comes to mind. I’m sure there is a multitude of people locally in the DFW area that would be exceptional candidates to interview and learn a lot from. If I had to consider a profession that I want to learn more about, it would be a sports medicine physician, an athletic trainer at the professional sports level, occupational therapist, or a physical rehabilitation physician. I am also interested in rehabilitation, either physical or mental, for people who have suffered some type of trauma. I would love to learn more about any profession that works with physically or mentally disabled children, teens, and/or adults. I would love to work with people with disabilities by helping them learn life skills or possibly even academics.

I am interested in learning more about career options related to the interests I mentioned or if there is even a career that exists that fits my stated interests. I would like the learn about the pros and cons as well as the best part of their jobs and the most challenging. I would be interested in learning more about any career/profession that deals with rehabilitation, human development, sports medicine, or types of therapy.

I hope that by talking to and interviewing people in such fields I will get a better understanding of their careers and if I want to pursue a career in the same field or if it is definitely not what I thought it was. I think it will be a very helpful experience.

Bonus: Book Proposal

Book Proposal: “Expect the Unexpected: Raising a Child with Special Needs”

Expect the Unexpected: Raising a Child with Special Needs is a book that will help the families of disabled children cope with and understand the struggles of raising a child with special needs, educate them on where to find resources and support groups, as well as learn how to help the child to meet their full potential. Instead of dwelling on the hardships that will be faced while raising a child with special needs, this book inspires parents to encourage their child and motivate them with a proven how-to approach.

Expect the Unexpected: Raising a Child with Special Needs is targeted to the parents of children with special needs but is also helpful for siblings and relatives of the child. The book covers many helpful topics and is broken down as follows:

  • Coping with Grief and Guilt
  • Accepting Your Child as “Special”
  • Importance of Early Intervention
  • Sky’s The Limit
  • Steps to Independence and Planning for the Future
  • Personal Accounts from Experienced Parents

Intertwined throughout the book are my personal experiences, struggles, and rewards of living with a special needs individual.

There is an array of books on the topic of raising children with special needs, one of the top-sellers being The Special Needs Parent Handbook by Jonathan L. Singer. Expect the Unexpected is a unique and motivational book to offer advice to parents on how to help their child reach their full potential and not let their disability hold them back, while The Special Needs Parent Handbook simply provides advice and assistance on coping with children with disabilities. Expect the Unexpected also provides personal accounts which are very relatable and helpful to parents who may feel alone in such a situation.  I have had about 2 years of experience writing a column in the school newspaper and have also had a few articles published in the local newspaper.  As the sibling of a special needs individual, I am qualified to write on the topic of raising a special needs child because I have first-hand accounts and experiences with coping and dealing with disabled children. This gives the book a unique and interesting perspective that is unlike any other book on the market.

Before I Kick the Bucket…

Before I kick the bucket, I hope to accomplish my biggest goals and aspirations. The top 10 things on my bucket list are:

1. Learn to play the guitar…and play it well.

2. Travel the world, specifically more of Europe, Africa, and South America.

3. Start a charity or non-profit organization.

4. Have a career working with children or disabled individuals.

5. Be debt free by the time I am 25.

6. Open a small restaurant.

7. Go skydiving.

8. Get married and start a family.

9. Learn Salsa, Western Dance, and Ballroom dancing.

10. Visit the 7 Wonders of the World.

There is a pretty wide range of things I’d like to do before I “kick the bucket”. First, I would like to learn to play the guitar. I have always wanted to learn to play an instrument and I have owned a guitar for about 3 years and I still don’t know how to play it. Not only do I want to learn to play, but I want to be really good at it. I have always wanted to be good at something so hopefully someday I will be very talented at playing the guitar. Second, I want to travel. I had many opportunities to travel to many European countries while living overseas, but I was nowhere near seeing all I want to see. I would also love to travel to Africa and South America. I think it is important to travel to experience different cultures and learn things that you never could in other parts of the world. Third on the list is to start a charity or work with a non-profit organization. I feel that it is very important to give back to the community by volunteering and fundraising. There are so many people in the world who are less fortunate than most of us and I believe it is my civil and moral duty to do what I can to help those people. I have always aspired to be in a career where I can help others. I have a very nurturing and caring personality and I don’t think I would be happy in a career where I wasn’t helping others in some way. Fourth is to have a career where I can work with children or disabled individuals. I would love to do something in the medical field where I don’t have to deal with blood and guts… Possibly some kind of rehabilitation or sports medicine is the direction I need to go, as long as I am helping others in what I do. Number five is to be debt free by the time I am 25. I have always been a saver and frugal with my money. Unfortunately in order for me to attend college I had to take out student loans and I would like to pay them off in a timely manner. I will learn to be financially savvy which is very important in the world we live in today. Another thing that will help me learn to work with money is number six on the list, open a small restaurant. I love to cook and bake, so I have always wanted to own my own restaurant or bakery. Seventh is skydiving. I had planned on going skydiving for my 18th birthday but the plans ended up falling through. I am not a very courageous or risk-taking person, so I would love to go skydiving and push my limits. I guess its a pretty common goal to get married and start a family, but I have always dreamed of having that perfect little family. Being able to share my life, goals, and adventures with someone will make everything worth-while and complete. Ninth, I want to learn new types of dance. I love to dance and watch others  dance. I think it a beautiful form of expression and can tell a lot about the culture that the type of dance originated from. Last but not least, is to visit the 7 Wonders of the World. There are so many natural creations that have been put on this earth for us to enjoy and experience. By visiting these 7 locations, I would hope to gain more worldly knowledge and appreciation for nature and the world.

Where’d All the Time Go?

Time management is a struggle for most people. It always feels like there is so much to do and so little time to do it. Time seems to slip through my fingers and I usually feel a step behind my work. By taking the time management survey, I could really see where my time went. Until I broke it all down I had no idea that I spent so much time on certain things and so little time on other things that seem to consume my time.

When I broke my time in a week out into the pie chart I found that I spend 33% on sleep, 4% on grooming, 11% on eating, 4% on travel time, 1% on scheduled weekly events, 6% on errands and chores, 9% in class, and 8% socializing. That leaves me 24% of my time open! Right now I do have a lot of extra time because I do not currently have a job. This will change very soon and reduce the amount of free time I have. I am currently looking for a job and expect to work about 15 hours per week. This will leave me about 25 hours of free time per week instead of the 40 extra hours I have at the moment.

Based on this pie chart, most of my time is dedicated to sleep. Sleep is very important of course, but I had no idea that the majority of my time was spent sleeping. The least amount of my time goes to scheduled functions and events. I haven’t gotten involved in many clubs or other organizations yet, so this small percentage will most likely grow in the near future. By looking at the pie chart, it does not look balanced and perhaps is something I need to work on.

The “time wasters” that I have identified in my weekly schedule is the time I have in between classes. I could utilize this time much better than I currently do. I usually just wait around for my next class, but instead I could be using that time to study or do some of my homework. Another “time waster” is when I get on my computer and waste a lot of time on the internet when I should be working on something else instead. This problem can easily be fixed if I just don’t allow myself to get on social networking sites and the like. I should not have them as open tabs that I can so easily toggle between. The time wasters I have identified can easily be modified.

Some of the key areas in my time management that I want to improve are in studying and goal setting. I am very organized and I couldn’t survive without my planner. I love to make to-do lists especially because I feel so accomplished when I can cross stuff off of it.      In order to make my time more efficient, I plan to make use of my waiting or “wasted” time. I would also really like to improve my time management when it comes to studying. I never felt the need to study in high school and usually I did very well in school without it, however, that is clearly not the case for college level work. I plan to break up assignments into smaller, more manageable portions, and avoid study marathons. If I do a little bit everyday, I benefit much more from my study sessions.